You are only one ENCOUNTER away.

Over the past two decades…

Jesus has shown me (Brad) a very unique way to help men navigate the tricky rapids of the masculine journey, love relationships, family life, leadership and the generational cycles that they can’t seem to shake, like anger, lust, shame, fear & insecurities.

Everything you are looking for - everything - comes not from a head game of mastering a set of concepts or obeying a handful of commands, but from a series of encounters with the living God. Check the bible to see what changed people in those stories.

Of course, we all have the exact same access to God, but for some reason, these life-changing moments seem rare and elusive these days, but they need not be. With a little help, you can get your questions answered, your wounds healed and your chains broken by God himself.

If you open yourself to this, I think you’ll be fascinated by the way we can partner together to get what you are seeking. No kidding, your life-changing breakthrough might be easier than you think. Again, you are just one encounter away.

Check out the Clarity Sessions & Encounters below to see which context you want to explore...


Every great hero has an experienced Guide who helps him navigate the dangerous rapids ahead. Let’s get you through these rapids. Alive, healed and stronger.

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Every great hero has an Encounter that changes the trajectory of his story forever. Let’s pursue yours. Together. It’s probably easier than you think.

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Every great hero has a ruckus-making Band of Brothers who strengthen him, fight for him and come to his aid in battle. Let’s me introduce to some amazing men.

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Sowing Into Mission

Brad McDaniel is the director of Maverick Missions, a non-profit that thrives off the generous gifts of friends who want the world to walk in the hard-to-find freedom & joy that Jesus plainly paid for, but seems hard to find these days.  

If sowing into God’s mission on the earth is one of your pleasures, please look into how you might help support our work.

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