BRAD MCDANIEL is a counselor & teacher who leads Maverick Missions, a deeper encounter ministry.

My work aims for nothing less than the transformational experiences with Jesus that we see in the bible. (It’s easier than you may think).



Massive Paradigm Shifts. We have a lot of re-thinking to do. Due to several factors in our culture, we have learned to not question much at all - most of all the church’s teachings - and if anyone does, we tend to ridicule and demonize them.

While many who read this come from a long line of Reformers, we haven’t been reformed nearly enough. Even worse, we have recently forgotten all sorts of reforms which have vanished into thin air. Worst of all, because most don’t believe that God speaks anymore, we scour the Bible (the past) instead of also paying attention to what God is doing right now.

And so, we have some massive re-thinking to do about manhood, womanhood, life itself, Jesus himself, the Bible, the way we fight for one another and 1000 other critical topics. The paradigm shifts that I teach will help us see the Bible and all of life differently, which makes for major life strategy changes. So we have much life-redesign to do as well.

Digestive Processing. I honestly couldn’t care less about transferring concepts from my notebook to yours, and am FAR more excited about seeing a person actually rescued, healed, delivered, renewed, refreshed, trained, developed, transformed and launched. Can you see the dramatic difference? Yes, I’ll teach punch-you-in-the-gut truths that you didn’t see coming, but to be honest, it only helps if it actually changes your life strategies, your prayer life, your love life, your parenting, your leadership, etc so I’ll walk you through digesting it, processing through it, using it as a launch pad for prayer, practicing what you’ve just learned, re-considering your life strategies to align with your new viewpoint…and actually letting it move you and change your life! This is very exciting, life-altering stuff that is truly hard-to-find!

Irreversible Transformation. Instead of focusing on any one outcome like converting the lost, discipling the saints, starting new churches, healing the broken-hearted (all of which I also absolutely love to do and actively engage in), I have a singular focus on facilitating encounters with Jesus because that is THE most thing that results in change that lasts forever, isn’t that right? Anything less misses the mark of what God offers humanity in the New Testament. That is, catching a glimpse of a new paradigm shift, when processed on the level of an unguarded heart in the very presence of Jesus works IS a radical, encounter that changes the trajectory of a person’s life, forever. Come see for yourself!

From left - Cara, Brad, Chrissa, Corey & Brayden (front). Chrissa is a hairstylist and Corey is a certified master dog trainer.

From left - Cara, Brad, Chrissa, Corey & Brayden (front). Chrissa is a hairstylist and Corey is a certified master dog trainer.

About Brad McDaniel

I love life, Jesus, delicious queso, movies of all kinds and exploring the wilderness with my happy border collie, Chase. I love finding adventure wherever I am, but especially love the outdoors (and even better if I’m navigating a hidden stream in a kayak on a sunny day.)

When I come home to my "trophy wife," Chrissa, I kiss her gorgeous face then wrestle my three kids into a tickled hysteria.

Growing up an atheist in an alcoholic, dysfunctional family, I came to Jesus in my living room during an unexpected Saul-to-Paul-type encounter at 18 years old that RADICALLY changed everything for me.  

To break the cycles of my family, I have had to overcome deep-rooted insecurities, a nasty arrogance problem, too many mother & father wounds to count, major trust issues, a mind that wouldn’t stop racing, a performance-based self-worth, a detached heart that resisted bonding to people & about 100 other stubborn issues.  By God's grace, I continue to fight for joy & freedom each day, seeing more and more cycles broken as I grow up and chase after Jesus.

I have degrees in Biblical Studies, Psychology & Business, and have been most influenced by John Eldredge, James Dobson, Zig Ziglar, Larry Crabb, Dallas Willard, Frank Viola, Stacy Tyson, James Allman, Russell Brunson, Restoring the Foundations, Mike Bickel, Peter Wagner...and a very persistent and talkative rabbi from Nazareth.

Join me in one of my Encounters or Clarity Sessions.