God Planned Your Rescue Before You Even Knew You Were In Trouble

Do you need a break? Some healing and refreshing? Some words from God about a few crucial areas of your life?

How great it would be if setting your heart free could be done in a simple weekend “church retreat” or a “women’s conference”? Unfortunately, it typically can’t. It requires more to reset your heart than a few bible verses, or some great worship time, or some chill time with friends. No, you need...

Super early bird special ends soon. Register now.

Super early bird special ends soon. Register now.

Time to breathe again. Time to feel again. Time to get quiet again. Time to heal again. Time to dream again. Time to be romanced by God in the secret places in your heart.

Imagine that Jesus has planned a series of encounters for you two, encounters with love and answers and hope - and as much as He’d like to squeeze them down into just 2 convenient days on a weekend, it just won’t work. No, this will take some more time.

“Honestly, the stillness and silence, the ability to hear your own thoughts and hear from your Father, are worth the ENTIRE trip. No kidding.” - Sarah, 34

You see, He wants to linger with you in a special time of healing and cleansing and intimacy. He wants an extend time with you that is worth the hassle of arranging for time off and someone to watch the kids for 4 days. Watch the video below to get a taste…

Come Get Your Heart Back…

Every woman has deep desires written in the core of her heart. 

She wants to be romanced.

She wants an irreplaceable role to play.

She wants a beauty all our own to unveil.

Yet for most of women, life isn’t what we expected. It feels like a struggle to survive. Work seems mundane. Marriage feels hard. We struggle to engage with our children. Bikini models are everywhere. God seems distant. We feel a nagging sense that we are a disappointment & are anxious that it all may fall apart. The Captivating Retreat is a journey into the mystery and beauty of the feminine heart so that we can discover our place once again in the sacred romance.

"I didn’t come expecting much at all, but something in me has shifted. I can see and feel in ways I never could before. I feel like this changes everything.” - Kim, 42

Register Now for the Captivating CORE Retreat

Thursday May 16 at Noon until Sunday May 19 at Noon

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Only 15 spots available so put down a deposit NOW to secure your spot!

He’s Calling You to the Wilderness for a Reset

For some of you, heeding his call is life or death. For others it means another anniversary or divorce court instead. For some, it’ll be the difference between insanity with domestic abuse charges filed or loving your family with a supernatural sweetness and grace. And others still, it means depression or breakthrough.

Sadly, however, most women reading this are so out-of-touch with their reality because of all the busyness and noise that we think a retreat like this would be merely a “boost” or “neat” when in fact, we are all still very much in need of RESCUE as Father has much in you that he wants to see unearthed, cleansed and set free to shine, which all seem so elusive in the city or at church services. Again, what is needed is a total reset.

Will you, like He did, move heaven and earth to remove all the barriers between you two and get out of the city?

Listen, whatever your responsibilities at work or home or with the kids - God can move someone can help you. You’ll leave on Thursday at noon and be back home by Sunday at four. (Do you trust that you Two can make this happen?)

"I didn’t realize I was hiding my beauty and my real heart. This is exactly what my marriage needed." - Josie, 24

What Is A Captivating CORE Retreat?


As you can see, this is not the typical church women's retreat or a “women’s conference” with a crowded schedule, a few bible talks and some girly worship songs.  And it's certainly not about the “seven things a woman ought to do” or “8 tips to a better marriage” because who exactly needs even more pressure to be better?

That’s the last thing anyone of us needs.

No, this is a four-day quest into the recovery of a the feminine soul, the release of a woman’s heart—her passions and true nature—all given her by God.

It’s an invitation to sparkling lights of Paris at night, to twirl in your skirt as you dance with your Daddy, to be the fierce nurturer that you are in each situation you walk into, be noticed as the breath-taking beauty you are. No matter how far you've come or where's you're at in your journey, God still has more in you to Father.

And so...

The Captivating CORE Retreat is designed with one primary objective: To restore the passionate & beautiful hearts of women through a series of powerful encounters with their Father God.

Those who come say it is one of the greatest weekends of their entire life.

Based on John & Staci Eldredge’s international best-selling book, Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman’s Soul, and facilitated by Chrissa McDaniel of Maverick Missions, the retreat is set in the beauty and adventure found in the secluded Ozarks of Arkansas.  

"This weekend saved my life. In more ways that I even know now. Really." - Kelsey, 36

The morning & evening sessions focus on video teaching sessions by John & Staci Eldredge and their team, Hollywood films on the feminine journey and lots of solo time with Father for reflecting, conversing and journaling...while our afternoons are free for adventures, like hiking up to the caves near the 200' sheer cliffs, walking the Little Big River beds that are 50 yards from the Lodge we are staying in or just several long naps - depending on whatever your heart needs.

This is far more than a retreat - its is an expedition of the heart. The women attending will never be the same.  Really.

"I heard my Father's voice for the first time. I know now that I am his beloved." - Megan, 27

Some women will come alone, while others come with friends, sisters or mentors. Either way, these women will not come back the same. (Note: This is for women 18 years and older, and is not always the best idea for a mother & daughter getaway trip due to past wounds we’ll work through so discern if this is a good match for you two).

The Sacrifice & Cost to Each Woman

Like everything worth fighting for, there is a cost.  You'll need to take off a few days from work and family...and yes, the kids, plus give up $279 to throw in for the lodge, food, etc.  

We'll retreat from Thursday at noon and will be back Sunday just in time for supper.

Would you be willing to sacrifice 4 days and $279* to get your heart & your Father back in ways that you don't even now know that you need them?  If so, join us.  We only have 15 spots available.  Register right now to get in on this.  It is going to be epic!

Note: Super Early Bird Discount is $229* until Feb 28 if you pay at least $50-100 down at the time of registration. After Feb 28, it's $279 so act fast.


* Sponsorships. In our minds, money should never be a barrier.  We definitely want each woman to have to sacrifice something to get in on this, so if you want to help another woman pay some of her costs to join us OR if you need help with funds yourself, we have a few partial sponsorships available in exchange for the women being on work crew during the retreat.  Just reach out to Brad for details at brad@maverickmissions.com