Join some ruckus-making empire builders as we throw axes, grab some grub and explore the masculine journey together. Should be an awesome night! You'll need $20 for axe throwing and $10 for whatever you order. Saturday, March 2nd from 6-9 PM. Email me to secure your spot.

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Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart Bootcamp isn’t just another men’s retreat.  That’s the last thing anybody needs. This is a raw, honest, no-BS journey into the deep desires and passions of the masculine heart. Go here to learn more.



Captivating is not the typical church women's retreat or “women’s conference” with a busy schedule, a few bible talks & some girly worship songs.  No, this is a quest into the recovery of a the feminine soul, the release of a woman’s heart—her passions and true nature—all given her by God. Go here to learn more.


Encounters are the rare, life-changing moments with God which seem so elusive in this day-in-age, yet which result in deep healing, radical cleansing, astonishing words of affirmation and broken generational cycles that set you and your family free…forever.  These encounters also double nicely as extraordinary training in us how to fight for our family and friends, helping them have their very own encounters with Jesus.

Brad and his friends facilitate these beautiful moments through group EXPEDITIONS in the wilderness of the Ozark mountains, group WORKSHOPS in living rooms around the Mid-South and ONE-ON-ONE SESSIONS in private. After the Encounters, we’ll gather in groups throughout the year for all sorts of ruckus-making. Come see what the guys are up to next right here.

Basically - the church has more content than we’ll ever process. What we really need is MORE TIME with God. It’s all we’ve been searching for every moment of our lives since the Garden of Eden, whether we know it or not…so let’s make more time for that!


Restoration.  God made us in his image, we have become pretty damaged over the decades, and God's plan is to restore us back into his image so that we can receive his life and love and live with him, now and forever.  

But to do the deeper restoration work, we need to break from the maddening pace of the world and SLOW DOWN so we can let down our guards enough to feel again, to dream again, to process our journeys, to heal, to ask questions that no one else can answer - and maybe most of all - to linger in the manifest presence of God (which is different than the omnipresence) so that he can minister to us in ways that words cannot express.

Additionally, like King David, we need our hands "trained for the battle," starting with the fight to recover our own hearts, and then on to fight for our loved ones.  

The BIG IDEA is simple: Irreversible transformation from the inside out.  First you, then your world.  All towards life, freedom & joy.  

Isn't this what we had in Eden that we so long for even now?   Isn't this what Jesus promised us and died for? Far more is available to us now if we pursue it.


Wild At Heart Basic Retreats are 4 day expeditions in the wilderness of the Ozarks walking through the longings, wounds and battles surrounding the masculine journey based on John Eldredge’s book by the same name.

Captivating CORE Retreats are 4 day expeditions in the wilderness of the Ozarks walking through the longings, wounds and battles surrounding the feminine journey based on John & Staci Eldredge’s book by the same name. Coming soon.

Rescuing Eve Workshops meet on the first Friday of each month to help husbands discover the secret to the heart of their wives as they create immediately actionable plans to romance her, fight for her and pursue oneness with her.

DesireWorkshops aim to restoring the image of God in us as men, or as women, as we explore the longings that drive all that we do and actually define our actual selves - all of which shines a light on our design and destiny.  (This couples with the GloryWorkshop.)

GloryWorkshops aim to clarify our glory, calling, assignments, roles on the team and activating our "weaponized" love-gifts.

StoryWorkshops aim to take us deeper into the 7 Larger Stories in which we all are living to identity our backstories, where we are today  and our place in the stories as we live out the future.  (This is our personal favorite!)

LoveWorkshops aim to break the stubborn cycles and behaviors that are sabotaging our most treasured relationships...which WILL BE passed down to our kids unless we do something about them now.  Then we move on to strategies & practices to love people well.

RescueWorkshops aim to train our hands for battle - in teams! - as we all have friends and family that desperately need the restoration ministry of Jesus which "heals the broken-hearted and sets the captive free."