With your help, we are on a mission to help everyday folks experience God, which changes everything.

What could be more powerful?


Two Cunning Strategies…

Income. As a non-profit we rely on the generous donations of friends like you, while also generating a good portion of our funds from various event fees and even selling used furniture just to get this work funded.

Expenses. We focus on high-impact/low-cost projects while shedding the typical burdens like salaried staff, office space or big-time assets, etc.

This means that EVERY DOLLAR you give is sowing straight into Jesus’ epic mission to rescue & train his people…literally funding God's greatest passion on the earth.


Now the question is: How would you like to give?

"I Want to Donate MONEY"

Thank you!  You can give in 2 ways.  Either send checks to:

Maverick Missions, 6025 Stage Rd, ste 42-357

Bartlett, TN 38134

OR donate easily & securely using your credit/debit card through PayPal by just clicking this button below.

"I Want to Donate STUFF"

Sure.  Like a Goodwill, you can drop off items or we'll come pick up things that will sell for $50+ online. We are looking for items that are in good condition (even if they need to be heavily cleaned) and can be sold for 50-90% off retail price on the Facebook marketplace.

If you have something you might want to donate, click the button below to see if it fits our list of criteria.