Luke had Yoda. Frodo had Gandolf. Arthur had Merlin. Saul had Samuel. David had Nathan. Jesus had his father. Paul had Barnabus. Timothy had Paul.

Who will be your guide in this season?

Enter the Crisis. To be sure, you are probably KILLING IT in several areas of your life right now - ruling your kingdom like a BOSS! But in other areas, some direction from a experienced Guide would be nice about right now, wouldn’t it? Even the wisest king once said, a wise man seeks direction and help from experienced kings ahead of him on the journey.

Enter the Guide. You see, while God is very much available to us all as Father, he often prefers to direct us through his sons, special Guides who heal, counsel and prophesy us into the life and freedom that Jesus has already paid for, but seem so elusive these days. So we offer a way to get the direction that you are looking for. It’s not therapy or Pastor Joe’s prayer time. No, you will walk out a changed man with a plan for moving forward, so…

Why walk alone stumbling in the dark when other kings have gone before you down these same dangerous paths?

  • Kyle feared passing down all the dysfunctional junk from his family of origin - shame, divorce, lust, fear, abuse. He walked away with a healed heart & dozens of broken cycles from his past that his family is now free from. Forever.

  • Chris & Amanda’s marriage wasn’t doing so hot. He worked too much yet wanted more sex. She was lonely all the time and wanted more romance. Adding kids in the house only made things worse. This is not what they signed up for, yet after a few sessions, they walked away able to fight for each other and raise their kids with new confidence.

  • Jared was 32 years old, but felt stuck as 10 year-old inside when trauma struck and his little heart simply couldn’t process it all. He walked out of his first sessions completely healed from those wounds and free to live.

  • Sammy needed help with his anger - which was doing damage to his wife and kids. Within 4 weeks, he got what he needed & walked out with peace in his heart. Now his family feels much safer to have their playful Daddy back.

What are you waiting for?

The first step is a free, CLARITY session - a 30-minute time to sort through what needs fixing and to lay out a simple path forward together. It’s cheaper than therapy, and far more powerful.

(Just to be sure, while I have 4 degrees and all sorts of training both formally and informally, I have no licenses or certifications in psychotherapy, counseling, coaching, spiritual direction or any of the other cool buzz words of the day. Nope, I’m just a seasoned husband, father, friend, pastoral counselor and disciple-maker who’s been healed, cleansed, gifted, trained and anointed for helping everyday eager folks through some of the most confusing and nightmarish ordeals. So if that is enough for you, then let’s have a conversation to see if we can find a way forward together, ok?)

Can You Pass the 3 Tests to Be Guided by Brad?

Every great hero has to sacrifice something to overcome his crisis. So what are you willing to sacrifice to win the battles you face?

Of the 100’s and 100’s of people that I have coached over the decades, and the 100’s of radical transformations I have seen, I am still amazed at how terrible many people are with follow-through after a session. So to save me and you a lot of time and frustration, I have designed 3 tests to see if you are ready to solve your problems.

TEST #1 - Pay Up

Do you want this problem solved so badly that you are willing to pay for it? Most say, yes, but when it comes time to pay up, they would rather blow their money on more trivial things which expose where their priorities really lie. So to test you, I’ll require that donate $100 to our non-profit for each session (which we’ll use to help fund various projects we have). Think of it as paying-it-forward if that helps, but really, it’s to see if you are actually willing to sacrifice to get this resolved.

TEST #2 - Make the Time

Do you want this problem solved so badly that you are willing to do the assignments and exercises I give to you? Again, almost everyone will say yes, but at the next session, all I used to hear were excuses about this and that. However, the ones who really saw the major life change, they made the time and protect it so that they could do the work. Will you?

TEST #3 - Courageous Honesty

Do you know why most folks never get past Step 4 in the 12 Steps to Recovery? Because they are unwilling to face-off with the nasty junk in their past. My question is simple: Would you rather face-off with it for 10 minutes so that we can deal with this junk once and for all, or drag it around for the rest of your life while you try to medicate the pain away? If you are serious, then you’ll have the courage to be honest and fight with me to get you healed and cleansed and set free!

If after reading this, you still think you are willing to pay the price to get the clarity and freedom that you long for, then reach out and let’s see.